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When mentall illness is present, the key to proper care is understanding and training. At new Horizon, we maintain a high level of training among our staff. We like to develop trust and respect with everyone of our clients; that along with a safe and clean enviroment are stepping stones for greater things. Deseases such as Dementia, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Depression, Alzheimer, play a devastating role in our love one's lives. Our staff has been trained to safely handle many situations involving mental illness.

An elopement training is required by all staff members. Elopement drills are performed bi-annually and updated training is provided when needed. Upon admission, the administrator will determine if the client requires extra attention. Client found to have any kind of mental illnesses will be referred to the appropriate physician. Our staff will make sure our clients are reminded of important tasks, doctors’ appointments or personal matters.Our number one priority is the safety of all residents and our staff; based on this belief, we interview every client before admission. Interview results will determine if the prospect client is suitable for our services.
New Horizon reserves the right to deny admission to any prospect client found to have a criminal background. New horizon does not tolerate violence whether be physical or verbal in nature. Any resident who becomes violent against our staff, residents or property shall be eligible for termination if determined by a licensed physician to no longer meet admission criteria.
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